Our Studio and Machine

So, what is a long arm quilting machine?  It is basically a “fancy” sewing machine that is mounted on a quilt frame.   Our studio uses a semi-industrial sewing machine and a super-king size frame, which holds the layers in place while you sew.  This means one no longer has to baste their pieces together or wrestle a bulky project through the small hole of a domestic sewing machine.  These extra features make it possible to finish a project faster, easier and more accurately.  Quilters can spend more time drawing their design on the fabric with the aid of a laser, pantograph, specialist rulers or by hand.  The best way to understand how a Long Arm Quilting Machine works is to visit our studio and “have a go”.  This is our Gracie Quilt Frame and Janome 1600p.  We love it!
Our studio is lovely and bright.  We meet at a community centre in Breightmet Bolton.

We have 4 class sewing machines and all the "trimmings" you need to work on your project.


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